King of Buganda, Mutebi
King of Buganda
July 31, 2013
Kidepo National Park Safari
Kidepo National Park
August 15, 2013


Musaale Community Outreach

Musaale dress
“Where is my dress?” Peter asks, “It’s a beautiful dress.”

This dress is a recent purchase Borderless Travel Managing Director made from Musaale* community project which he set up in Mbale two years ago. He would like to show off their handiwork around Kampala in an effort to help the business become self-sustainable.

The dress is one of several products they make, including shirts, bags, handbags and uniforms for schools like Sunrise Primary (also set up by Peter with help from volunteers from around the world and in the local community).

Recently, Tricia from Australia came to work alongside the ladies at Musaale during a nine-stay in Mbale. During this period the group were able to diversify their products to aprons, bags, table mats and napkins. Tricia’s time and effort was repaid in the enthusiasm, gratitude and now several products ready for market.

Hippo family Tricia, a friend to Borderless Travel was on a return visit to Uganda, and before spending time in Mbale, she travelled with Lyn to the western corner of the country to participate in similar tailoring voluntary work at Bwindi.

Lyn and Tricia also found time to spend four days at Queen Elizabeth National Park where they caught sight of several animals including an encounter with a hippo family.

*Musaale is a Gishu word meaning friend. Musaael exists to help create meaningful links and friendships across the globe that will help impact and transform lives. This is a Borderless Travel community project and we organise tour packages to visit or to participate as a volunteer.

If you would like to know more about this community project, please see: Facebook Page

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