Staying Warm: Camping In Deceptive Climates

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Staying Warm: Camping In Deceptive Climates

tent camping in deceptive climates

tent camping in deceptive climates

When you’re exploring East Africa and camping out in the wild, you’ll be exposed to glorious sunshine. Most travelers are well-equipped to deal with the threat the sun and heat poses, stocking up on sunscreen and extra hydration and ensuring their tent has the facilities to have a cool and comfortable inner climate against the heat. However, what do you know about the cold?

The nights and mornings in East Africa bring their own unique challenge due to the drop in temperature. Clear skies bring changeable temperatures. Cold is a very real challenge to the intrepid camper, so read on to see how you can experience East Africa’s gorgeous scenery whilst staying safe.


Most travelers exploring the Africa’s eastern regions will spend some time camping in the bush, the savanna or elsewhere. There’s not a much better way of seeing some of the awesome wildlife that the region has to offer, after all. When night comes, however, temperatures can drop rapidly and the residual you heat from the afternoon soon saps away as you sit outside and watch the sights.

The key to keeping warm at the campsite is having the right equipment. Ethanol campfires are reliable and warm, as well as more environmentally friendly than kerosene or butane. This can keep you warm in the night and create some ambiance.

Tents and Cladding

Your tent is important, too. As mosquitos are a threat in East Africa, it should be mosquito-proof and preferably breathable, as the dampness in the air can cause issues with the cold of night and morning. Inside, have sleeping bags with the correct tog rating – there are different sleeping bags for all climates. Don’t be tempted to just go for any old one – an antarctic-designed sleeping bag, for example, will give you an uncomfortable night’s sleep as you’ll be far too warm compared to the environment you’re sleeping in.


Chief amongst all your considerations should be your clothing. During the hot days, you’ll obviously be wanting to wear thin and breathable garments that allow you to trek for hours without becoming overheated. Always pack some form of nightgear, however. The equipment you can pick up is varied but almost always good quality, given the demand in the market. Outdoor clothing materials like GoreTex have even become fashionable.

So, between your clothing, camping equipment and accessories, you can ensure that you’re kept warm enough on the deceptively cold nights and mornings in East Africa. Keep your mind to some warmer equipment and you’ll be able to safely and comfortably enjoy your adventures.

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